/37\ Metallica Family Tree

What are the bands that share most genes with Metallica? We grade them all in several tiers of kinship and build Metallica family tree (drawings below). Try guess the second closest band (because the closest one is obvious).

Black Album deluxe unboxing (w/ their version of Family Tree)

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There’s another important piece, John marshall, ex guitar tech, play in Metallica when James got burned. He’s part of metal church.

Primus Has A Closer Connection than you think, The Primus Song “Eclectic Electric” Has Jim Martin & JAMES HETFIELD on Guitar! (It Has Been confirmed that Kirk Did a cover with them of Fame by David Bowie During the Same Album Sessions) + Les Was Playing Banjo Bass At The Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You KSJO Radio Session. Kirk Has Played With Them On Stage A Bunch And Kirk Asked Les To Be The Singer Of Exodus. (But Les Said No) And The Master Of Puppets Snippet

+ I Forgot To Talk About Toby Wright Who Mixed Both Justice & G Inc. Also PRODUCED & MIXED Primus including an cover ep with THE THING THAT SHOULD NOT BE!!!!

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