Welcome to MetalliGeek! Here you can dive into, as the name implies, geeky-nerdy stuff about Metallica. How the riffs changed from demo to album; what riffs Kirk Hammett wrote; Easter Eggs hidden in the songs, etc.

Paradoxically, we still don’t know a ton about the most popular metal act. MetalliGeek explores all Metallica things that the fans might’ve not known, noticed, or cared about. Its goal is to fill up gaps in the knowledge of Metallica’s history and legacy.

If you feel a tickle inside about all of that, then you’re one of us. Join MetalliGeek and stay updated of new discoveries about our favorite the f-ing band \m/

andriy vasylenko metalligeek
Andriy Vasylenko

MetalliGeek was initially a Youtube series by Andriy Vasylenko that started in March 2017. He has made over 200 videos, with over 30 millions views total.

In 2019 MetalliGeek branched out into a podcast. It quickly became one of the most listened heavy metal audio-shows, breaking into top 20 of Music Commentary category on Apple Podcasts in the US and becoming #1 in multiple countries.

The difference between MetalliGeek video and podcast is that the former is mostly scripted, fast-paced,  and requires visuals. While the latter is more of a hasteless free talk on some curious obscure topic, but still pretty dense and with minimum fluff.

The principal feature of MetalliGeek is our focus on Metallica music. Less of drama, controversies, and personal life. And more about the creative side, how the guys write songs and develop artistically. So, go elsewhere to hear a Napster rant.

The mission of MetalliGeek is to find answers to all the questions Metallica fans have been wondering about for four decades. Stuff that interviewers never or rarely ask. That’s the void we’re here to fill. And the ultimate goal is to interview Metallica themselves, and find all out from the first source.