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/30\ Beyond Magnetic and Other Extra Metallica Songs

/29\ Garage Inc: How to Turn Any Song Into Metallica

/28\ James Hetfield Solos: Why So Few?

/27\ A Metallica Biopic: Future Disaster?

/26\ Apocalypse Dawn: Best Metallica Fake

/25\ Metallica Song Titles Review

/24\ What If Cliff Burton Never Joined Metallica‪?

/23\ Next Metallica Album: Why It May Be Ba‪d

/22\ Why Are Metallica Ballads Number 4?

/21\ New Metallica Album 2021?

/20\ 1000 More Metallica Songs (feat. State of Mercury)

/19\ S&M2: Metallica’s Comeback with Symphony

/18\ The Unforgiven: A Story By A Man

/17\ How Lars Ulrich Co-Wrote All Metallica Songs

/16\ St. Anger: (Slightly) Better Than You Think

/15\ 3 Metallica Albums That Could’ve Been

/14\ Ranking Metallica Album Intros

/13\ Ride the Lightning: Metallica’s Ultimate Album

/12\ The Black Album: Worse Than You Think

/11\ Best Selling Metallica Album You Never Heard Of

/10\ Rare Facts About All Metallica Songs

/1-9\ Pilot Season