Metallica albums revisited

These are not standard Metallica albums reviews. These are the classics revisited from angles you may have not looked at them before. Both in a good and bad way.

Every Metallica album was an imprint of that very time, the band did their best with each. But stuff is clearer in hindsight. The music, for the most part, ages like fine wine. And even the boys themselves now can tell where they messed up or slacked off, and where they did the impossible.

Lars compares Eye of the Beholder to a square trying to fit in a round hole. James admits that his favorite album is Ride the Lightning – but still hates Escape, and that he wasn’t completely genuine on Loads. In the meantime, the fans keep demanding Fixxxer, and St Anger is getting more respect.

So, pick an album below and dare change your perspective on it.