/35\ What If Load/Reload Were One Solid Album

It’s been tried before, but now it’s my turn! Let’s make Load/Reload one tight album, and as much old-school Metallica as possible. Actually, we could even make it better than The Black album! Spoiler: it has do with speed, swearings, and an instrumental track. Notes below.

So, here’s the OverLOAD. Playlist and mentioned demos below. Selection explained in the podcast.

1. Fuel
2. King Nothing (aka Load)
3. Ain’t My Bitch (w/ bass intro)
4. Hero of the Day
5. Fixxxer (cut?)
6. 2×4
7. The Outlaw Torn (uncut?)
8. Wasting My Hate (w/ solo)
9. Bleeding Me
10. Devil’s Dance
11. Where the Wild Things Are***
12. Prince Charming
BONUS: The Unforgiven II


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